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21 Times Teachers Gave The Best Advice

"Keep learning."

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what the most important thing a teacher ever taught them was. Here is that wisdom.

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1. "Don't be afraid to make a mistake. Try so loudly that the person sitting in the back of the auditorium can hear you – it's the only way you'll learn."

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"Said by my choir teacher when we were learning a new song, and singing timidly." Submitted by Amanda Christine Sawaya, Facebook.

2. "You're not crazy, you're human... There is no such thing as a normal person."


"I was in the middle of my senior year of high school and was really struggling with test anxiety. After doing poorly on a test that I knew all of the material on it, I apologized profusely to my teacher, saying that 'I'm sorry, I'm crazy.' I've taken his response to heart and remind myself whenever I feel different or overwhelmed." Submitted by Ellen Poole, Facebook.

3. "She told us to make every second we live count and always try our hardest because sometimes in life we aren't given second chances."

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"My 5th grade teacher had everyone on the first day of class sit quietly and watch a minute go by on the clock in the classroom. After a minute she told us that minute is gone forever and no matter what we do, we can never it it back... I was lucky to have the same teacher for my freshmen and senior year of high school." Submitted by Skylar Crawford, Facebook.

4. "You get nothing for just trying."

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"My high school English teacher taught us that life is like the game of basketball. You have to put the ball in the hoop to get two points!" Submitted by WM B. Ryder, Facebook.

5. "If you don't know how to deliver your message and show people you cared about it, they will never get the right message."

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"When I was on 5th grade, my math teacher... asked me to stay after class and rewrite all the homework I had delivered to him for the past weeks, because it was dirty and with a very bad handwriting. I argued that it wasn't fair, my answers were right and I respected the deadlines... what he said after will forever be the guide of everything I do." Submitted by Jeiciane Torres, Facebook

6. "Arrive early for anything important."

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"... I was in choir. We were always expected to arrive to our concert rehearsals at least ten minutes ahead of the appointed time. I always heard my teacher say... 'If you are on time, you are late. If you are early, you are on time.'... It's been a very helpful piece of advice." Submitted by Rave Adrianna, Facebook.

7. "If you have something to say, share it clearly and with everyone."


"I had an AP Lit teacher in high school who used to make us stand up to answer any question or share any opinion. Whether or not she knew it, she imparted the sense that what I have to say matters and while I no longer literally stand up to share my thoughts, I mentally do so and that makes me feel just a little bit brave." Submitted by Kristen Scheffel, Facebook.

8. "It doesn't matter what college you go to; you make the school, the school doesn't make you."

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"My sociology teacher... changed my life as a struggling junior wondering which university or college I should go to." Submitted by Diana Bahena, Facebook.

9. "If you think you are going to get through your entire education without ever failing or getting a bad grade, you're wrong."


"I don't care how smart you are. It's the same in life." Submitted by Rachel Daniels, Facebook.

10. "Nobody has your mind or your creativity. Your individual creativity is what makes you an asset."


"I went to school for graphic design and one of the last professors I had the privilege to encounter had the biggest impact on me... Graphic design can be so subjective but he really made us feel like being an individual is what will make us successful." Submitted by Melissa Dvorak, Facebook

11. "Stop trying to compete with people, it dulls your light."


"At the end of our junior year, my best friend and I were banter-arguing about how he beat me in US History by like a point... when our teacher walked by. He listened for a second, and then asked me if he could sign my yearbook. Shut my bratty teenage mouth and, to date, is one of the nicest compliments I ever received." Submitted by nordischbynature.

12. "When you feel like everything is slipping you need to tell someone. You don't have to go through it alone."


"I had the same history teacher all through out high school and when I started have problems at home and my grades began to fail he took notice. I didn't want to go to college because all it would end up being was another failure. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be working towards two degrees at an amazing university." Submitted by zarajensenm.

13. "It's perfectly fine not to know the answer to everything."

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"A high school science teacher told us that... it makes no difference whether you're an expert in a field that earns a top salary, a teacher that is educating others, or simply a student in a classroom. To expect there to be an answer or explanation for every question you have is unreasonable. Embrace the fact that sometimes we, as humans, just don't know why or how things happen." Submitted by amsss.

14. "No matter what you're doing put your whole-hearted effort into it."

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"... Whether it's working at a gas station, doing homework, or cleaning your room, don't half-ass anything." Submitted by Marcie.

15. "... Reading can help you live a thousand lives, even from your small corner of the world."

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Submitted by kayh7.

16. "Failure isn't fatal, and learning from your mistakes and refining your technique is how you grow in life."

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"My sophomore year in college I had a history professor with an interesting grading philosophy. He told us that as long as our grades improved over the course of the semester, he would give us the highest grade we received on our assignments." Submitted by lydiam4c816e1f0.

17. "Music is a universal language and... when words fail, music speaks and can move mountains."

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"My high school orchestra conductor taught me that music is not just something you play or listen to. It is a way to express yourself and it is the one thing that connects everyone together regardless of their language, ethnicity or race, and geographic location." Submitted by kacyu.

18. "In the real world no one expects you to know the answer off the top of your head..."

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"... but you are expected to know how/where to find the answer." Submitted by courtneym43f3b39dd.

19. "Remember the score you get doesn't control your entire life."


"I remember an English teacher at my school tweeting '... Contrary to what you always hear, you are so much more than a number,' after the sophomores and juniors took the PSAT. Until then, I'd never realized how just two sentences could have such an effect on me." Submitted by soundaryad.

20. "I learned to never apologize for interests and hobbies no matter how many people initially tell you it's weird."

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"One of professors in college was very supportive of my interests in fandom and encouraged me to do projects around it. The main project I did in that class has been extremely useful now when trying to get jobs." Submitted by Jenna Ballinger.

21. "Keep learning."

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"One of my professors said this at a graduation ceremony and I'm consistently reminded how knowledge is an ongoing journey." Submitted by saraw4d5541f68.

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