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16 Hilarious Revelations That All Wine-Lovers Can Relate To

The answers might not be at the bottom of a bottle, but you should at least check.

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1. Wine can easily serve as a placeholder for you dreams.

2. Some people really love wine. Like, really *love* wine.

3. Wine doesn't judge!

4. Wine makes it easy to express your feelings.

5. It's better than a boyfriend.

6. And let's be real, wine isn't capable of betrayal.

7. You can blame healthy eating for your relationship with wine.

8. They serve wine at church, so God probs doesn't mind.

9. Wine makes every day a reason to celebrate!

10. And it's an excellent stress-reliever.

11. It's definitely the most ~sophisticated~ way to get drunk. Pinkies up!

12. But it doesn't have to be.

13. Anyone who gives you less than half a glass is a mortal enemy.

14. And who says you have to stop at one glass?

15. Wine can even inspire you to do great things.

16. And finally, people hurt you. Wine would never do that.

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