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    Willow Smith's New Music Video Is Extra Trippy

    G stands for genius.

    You may remember that five years ago, Willow Smith graced us with the certified jam "Whip My Hair." Since then, we've been waiting for this musical maven to return.

    Roc Nation

    Thankfully, she's back now, along with Crystal Mec, Tru, and Tyler Cole under the name DIASPORA. They just released the music video for their song "Wit a Indigo" and it is TRIPPY AF.

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    The psychedelic video was shot in Venice Beach and this haunting tune will kinda fuck with your head.


    Wait, is this a reference to Indigo children? Ahhhh!

    Willow and her friends just dropped some vaguely philosophical truth bombs everywhere.


    Dang, maybe all our spheres could go lightyears if we were on her level.

    The video ends with a little prayer circle, because of course it does.


    Though Crystal Mec does not seem as into it as everyone else.

    So have fun with this surreal, mind-bendy tune because it's gonna stay with you all day.


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