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For Everyone Who Fucking Hates Frosting

Take your sugar slop back to hell where it belongs.

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We can all agree that desserts are wonderful bastions of sweet goodness. But for ages, some desserts have been plagued by a phenomenon known as TOO MUCH FUCKING FROSTING.

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This picture makes some people say "Yummmmm." But it makes those of us with real taste buds say "EW." Why ruin a perfectly good cupcake with a pink pile of shit?

You try to find ways around it.

But sometimes you just have to scrape all that gross gunk off.

Good riddance frosting, you awful pest.

Cake is even more difficult. You have to artfully eat between the layers of frosting, leaving an F-shaped mess to remind you who the real enemy is.

It's like playing Operation with your dessert.


Your guests can get pieces smothered in sweet slop, and you can eat the rest of your delicious plain cake in peace.

And Pop-Tarts are a whole other struggle. You're forced to eat around the frosting, leaving you hungry for the rest of the day.

What some see as a curse, you see as a blessing.

Come to mama, you gorgeous nearly-plain Pop-Tart.

This is a thing of beauty, not an accident.

And let's just acknowledge the fact that this is a MIRACLE.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @versacebean

Let us hope that one day we may live in a world where we don't have to struggle through wiping off frosting...

Because THIS becomes the norm.


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