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21 Of The Most Cringeworthy Things That Happened At Auditions

At least they got to star in their own embarrassing nightmares.

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1. It sort of works.

" I was singing for my Elle Woods audition and when I sang "all of this plus a brain" I accidently flashed the directors. #AuditionFail" me

2. Pages three through eight probably weren't THAT important, right?

Handed the accompanist pages 1,2 and 9 of my sheet music. I wondered why it sounded so odd. #AuditionFail

3. Maybe he meant it in a good way.

I had a final callback for a fancy director. When I came in, she looked at my headshot and said "What happened?" #AuditionFail

4. This is why you should never be nice to anyone ever.

At a Broadway audition I lent my extra dance shoes to a girl who forgot to bring hers. She got the job...I didn't! #AuditionFail

5. You're just showing your range!

I just gave myself a headache hearing my own voice drift into a British accent. The character was French. #ThxForComingIn #AuditionFAIL

6. Sneaker squeaks might actually make you stand out.

@playbill Never tapped a day in my life. Asked to stay for tap call. No tap shoes, just white New Balance runners. #AuditionFail

7. Just pretend it's a character choice.

#AuditionFail OWNED AN AUDITION. They LOVED me. At the end they thanked me for coming by and let me know my pants were unzipped.

8. Can... can they do that?

I walked into an audition with my sheet music, and the pianist said "Oh, The Last Five Years? I won't be playing that." #AuditionFail

9. He almost had it.

10. You get an A for effort, and that's about it.

Drove to an audition on Broadway in Santa Monica. . Then realized the audition is on Broadway in Glendale. 😐 #AuditionFail

11. Sometimes you shouldn't give the judges more than they ask for.

sometimes leggings are see-through under stage lights. #AuditionFail

12. They can't reject you if you refuse to leave.

Many years ago, bad case of nerves, finished singing, the director thanks me then I turned to leave and walked into the closet #AuditionFail

13. It goes from bad to worse.

@playbill Friend sneezed on casting director, tried to wipe her jacket clean and knocked her coffee all over her notes! #AuditionFail

14. NEVER attempt Adele.

Sung Adele. Strike one. Completely forgot the words. Strike two. Tripped in the dance portion. And you're out. #AuditionFail

15. Always just say "yes" to whatever the director says.

A director once spat out "Were you bullied at school?" "No.." I said confidently. "Well, why not!?" #AuditionFail

16. Just... why?

Once I did a Gertrude Stein performance art piece for a children's theatre audition. #AuditionFail

17. Yikes.

Forgot the words and notes for 'Beauty and the Beast'. Good thing it was only for the entire original Disney creative team. #AuditionFail

18. *cringes to death*

My special skills list "Black Belt"- as in martial arts...but I was asked to do my best Jennifer Hudson impression. #AuditionFail

19. At least she said... something?

One time I forgot my entire monologue so I spurted out "my thighs are fat and I like you". Then turned around and left. #woof #AuditionFail

20. Ouch.

NY callback after regional aud. Director looks at me, turns to asst and says, "No, I wanted the other blonde from Chicago." #AuditionFail

21. And finally, what monologue is this?!

Today: Gave director a banana as part of my monologue. Director then excused himself to scrub hands. He's allergic to bananas. #auditionfail

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