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16 Incredibly Awkward Confessions About Dating

Definitive proof that you're better off staying in with Netflix.

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1. This person who got a little intimate too soon:

2. This person who was maybe just trying to be friendly:

3. This dude who made it a family affair:

4. This fashionista who cared way too much:

5. This person who just had a lot of feelings:

6. This guy who was trying to steal more than a heart:

7. This guy who was probably trying to be gentlemanly:

8. This person who was clearly super-invested:

9. This guy who can honestly STFU himself:

10. This guy who was a little too thrifty:

11. This girl who was actually quite thoughtful:

12. This person who got a little heated:

13. This person who might be forever alone:

14. This dude who was trying to be well-prepared:

15. This guy who was clearly too cool for school:

16. And finally, this date that was très weird: