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15 People Who Got Dumped In Really Terrible Ways

Evidently love is neither patient nor kind.

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1. This person who just can't catch a break:

2. This person whose breakup was very intimate:

3. This person whose breakup lasted less than 10 seconds:

4. This person whose ex had a million trillion things they'd rather do:

5. This person who at least got invited:

6. This person who proved that breakup texts are still THE WORST:

7. This person who was dumped for having regular, appropriate emotions:

8. This person who just can't win:

9. The person who is living proof that we need to abolish Facebook's relationship status:

10. Or maybe just Facebook in general:

11. This person who just lost contact, literally:

12. This person whose ex actually used Pixar for evil:

13. This person who needs to cook up some revenge:

14. This person who got salt rubbed in the wound:

15. And finally, this person who's way better off without this MONSTER: