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15 Things That Will Put A Smile On Every Classical Musician's Face

Come Bach to this post when you need a laugh.

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1. This guy who handles a cell phone interruption in the best way possible.

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2. Ray Chen demonstrating the "power" of music.

4. This guide that should be included in all concert programs.


5. This punny exchange.

Classical music puns that strike a chord, the key to success if you're in treble with your joke making skills

6. This pianist who found an easier way to play Rachmaninoff.

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7. These books that offer sound advice to string players.

8. This clever reimagining of what a high E flat sounds like.

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9. These great opera plots, as described by Carly Rae Jepsen.

10. This trombone player who just couldn't hold it back.

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11. This fairly accurate description of Boléro.


13. This accurate portrayal of what being a composer is like.

14. This very true representation of the string section.

15. And of course, your new go-to Tinder bio.

Groan. Music geek humor. RT @ClassicFM: Could you resist lines like these? #classicalmusic