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    15 Apps For Couples You Never Knew Existed

    Love meets tech.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed


    What it does: Couple lets you and your partner share messages, videos, and allows you to draw together.

    Why you need it: Thumbkiss™! Whether your boo is in another room or another country, you can share a little intimacy by touching your thumbs to the same spot on your screens. D'awww.

    Get it on iTunes and Android.


    What it does: This app guides couples through the steps needed to repair a relationship after a big fight.

    Why you need it: Think of it as free couples therapy. Seriously, it even utilizes the voice of marital therapist Mark McGonigle to soothe you when things get heated.

    Get it on iTunes.


    What it does: This app offers up different places you and your paramour can get it on. They range from the banal (couch) to the bizarre (portable potty).

    Why you need it: Finally end the debate about whether you should do it in a fire truck or not. If it's on the app, go for it.

    Get it on iTunes.


    What it does: Icebreak is an app for young couples that let's them share their answers to personality questions and hypotheticals.

    Why you need it: In the awkward, early stages of a relationship, this app lets you have that frivolous pillow talk all day long!

    Get it on iTunes.


    What it does: Kindu suggests ideas for you and your partner to try out in the bedroom. You rate each one as "definitely," "no thanks," or "maybe - open to discussion" and the app matches up your and your partner's responses.

    Why you need it: If you get nervous just suggesting a new date spot, let alone your desire to go to a peep show, this app is for you. It's like Tinder for your sexual fantasies.

    Get it on iTunes and Android.


    What it does: Keep all your shared pics, videos, and messages in one place. You can even "hug" your baby by holding your phone to your chest.

    Why you need it: You can receive a notification when your love's battery is dying. No more wondering why she hasn't responded to your fifth "???" text.

    Get it on iTunes and Android.


    What it does: Wickr allows you to send texts, pictures, videos, even PDFs that can last from three seconds to six days.

    Why you need it: Unlike Snapchat, Wickr claims that it doesn't save information and user data to any servers, so you can be sure your lol-worthy sexts won't end up in the wrong hands.

    Get it on iTunes and Android.


    What it does: This app is a virtual board game designed to take sex to the next level. It keeps track of your favorite mood music and even what you're wearing (so you can strip it off later).

    Why you need it: You can enjoy all the pleasures of a game that celebrates intimacy without the risk of your mom accidentally finding your sex dice when she visits.

    Get it on iTunes and Android.


    What it does: For the practical couple, Simply Us lets you and your honey sync your calendars and share your to-do lists.

    Why you need it: Maximize your couple efficiency and stop the travesty that is double groceries.

    Get it on iTunes.


    What it does: This app, which runs on the Synaptop operating system, lets distant couples synchronize their video watching.

    Why you need it: You'll never have to struggle to coordinate when exactly you're going to hit the play button on that cute cat video again.

    Get it here.


    What it does: LokLok syncs your lock screens so you can use them as a virtual message board.

    Why you need it: You can send those important goofy selfies and your bae is guaranteed to see them without conspicuously unlocking their phone.

    Get it on Android.


    What it does: This app analyzes movement and audio data to give you statistical feedback on your performance in the bedroom.

    Why you need it: You can finally combine your love of sex and bar graphs to improve your game between the sheets.

    Get it on iTunes.


    What it does: Kouply turns your relationship into a game by allowing you to send points to your partner every time they do something nice.

    Why you need it: Your competitive side isn't going anywhere. You may as well embrace it and use it as a force for good by trying to out-sweet your love.

    Get it on iTunes.


    What it does: Use IJML to broadcast the location and even the positions of your latest sexual encounter.

    Why you need it: You know you want to brag that not only are you having sex, you're making sweet, sweet love.

    Get it on iTunes and Android.


    What it does: Program your love's phone number into the app and then simply tap the icon to call them.

    Why you need it: This little heart is the perfect reminder that no matter the distance, your sweetie is just a click away.

    Get it on iTunes and Android.

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