14 Animal Cams That Are Better Than TV

    Prepare to squee your heart out.

    1. The Kitten Rescue Cam

    2. The Goats Live Cam

    3. The Jelly Cam

    4. The Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Otter Cam

    5. The Katmai National Park Bear Cam

    6. The National Aquarium Coral Reef Cam

    7. The San Diego Zoo Tiger Cam

    8. The Mpala Research Centre Watering Hole Cam

    9. The Bella Hummingbird Cam

    10. The Save The Manatee Cam

    11. The Warrior Canine Connection Puppy Cam

    12. The Africam

    13. The Trevor Zoo Red Panda Cam

    14. The iPet Companion Cams

    Basically, you'll never do anything productive ever again.