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16 Adorable Cakes All Music Lovers Will Appreciate

Sweet, sweet music.

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1. This beautiful accordion cake.

2. This cake topped with gorgeous sheet music.

3. This beautiful combination of sheet music and a violin.

4. This cake that might also be copyright infringement.

5. This cake that's fit for a whole ensemble.

6. This cake featuring a concert that you kind of want to attend.

7. This elegant guitar cake.

8. This intricate combination of strings and music notes.

9. This cake for every drummer that dreams of being the lead singer.

10. This lovely little baby grand piano cake.

11. This simple piano and string combo.

12. This whimsical, super-realistic guitar cake.

13. This classy white piano cake which also has a CANDELABRUM.

14. This chic cake that's also a reminder for violinists to practice.

15. This bold keyboard cake.

16. And this clarinet cake that includes a woman who is all of us.

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