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A String Quartet Performed During A Traffic Jam And Calmed Everyone's Rage

A much better alternative to car horns and cursing.

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We all know there's nothing more rage-inducing than standstill traffic.

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Recently, the M5 motorway in England was closed, causing traffic to come to a standstill. Thankfully, a string quartet was there to save everyone from boredom!

Facebook: video.php

Helen Delingpole posted a video to Facebook of the quartet playing Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D.

Helen Delingpole / Facebook: helen.delingpole

Drivers got out of their vehicles to listen to the quartet make sweet, sweet music.

Helen Delingpole / Facebook: helen.delingpole

Allison Gillies, the cellist, told the told the Telegraph that one member of the quartet jokingly suggested they place the piece, and the other members thought "Why not?"

Helen Delingpole / Facebook: helen.delingpole

Looks like the power of music can still unite people, even during something as awful as standstill traffic. Rock on, string players!

Just after playing Pachelbel's Canon on the M5 for all the people queued northbound!