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Watch This Poignant Speech From An NFL Player Who Just Lost His Younger Brother

Torrey Smith's 19-year-old brother, Tevin, was killed in a motorcycle crash this weekend. Smith decided to play on Sunday, and scored two crucial touchdowns in the Baltimore win.

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Torrey Smith got one hour of sleep on Saturday night after being woken up at 2 a.m. with the news that his little brother, whom he helped raise, was dead. He decided to play (read more about the decision here) and after scoring his first touchdown pointed straight to the sky.

Smith told reporters after the game in an incredibly composed press conference that he had received emails and text messages of support from numerous individuals around the league.

"If I was going to be out there, I was going to give it all my all," he told reporters. "I love my teammates to death. They helped me get through this."

Shortly after the news of Tevin's death was announced, a 2010 profile from the Washington Post on Smith began recirculating around the internet. In it, he talks about helping to raise his siblings as his mom worked two jobs and went back to school, earning the nickname "Microwave King" for his culinary skills.

Here's the speech he gave to his teammates after receiving the game ball.
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