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5 Most Random Professional Athlete Side Businesses

From tricked-out fanny packs to barber shops, here are the greatest examples of what people with a few million bucks laying around can do.

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Started (in part) by: Atlanta Falcons running back Jason Snelling

The backstory: "A group of friends and I were in California on the beach and a guy comes up wearing a Speedo and a lime-green fanny pack, and one of the girls we were with said, 'The only way to make a fanny pack cool would be to add speakers and call it a jammy pack,'" Snelling told BuzzFeed. Weeks later, the JammyPack was born. That was over four years ago, and the product, which is available online only is bringing in the Benjamins, Snelling insists. "It's a fun idea that we started from scratch," he said proudly.


Started (at least in part) by: Baltimore Ravens safety Bernard Pollard

The backstory: After Pollard saw the card game's popularity rising among his NFL teammates (it also made a brief appearance in the spotlight for its role in the infamous Wizards locker room gun incident), he decided to create an app to make it easier for people to play anywhere and without shelling out any money. “I just want the app to make people be able to have fun with the game, where you don’t have to hand out any money and then your wife looks at you crazy, like, ‘You just wrote a check for how much?’” he told Mashable in September.

Started (at least in part) by: Kansas City cornerback Travis Daniels

The backstory: Most football players dreamed of being in the NFL one day, but Daniels' ambitions didn't stop there. From the Kutz Remix website: "For years, Kutz Remix Barber Shop was just a mere thought and a simple vision. In 2011, Travis made yet another dream in his life come true with hard work and dedication he realized all dreams are possible." Travis Daniels dreams of haircuts.

Started (at least in part) by: Ravens offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie

The backstory: While venturing into music is nothing new for athletes, the Ravens veteran seems to have made a bigger splash in the music world than most. His label, B Major Music, has been around since 2008 — and thanks to recording appearances by Serena Williams and a slew of indie artists, it seems to have the look of a legitimate label. "My head coach and everybody know. They like it. They ask for mixtapes and everything like that. I have these B Major hoodies and a lot of my teammates have them and ask for them. I’ve heard a few of them freestyle," he told XXL magazine.

5. Active Faith Clothing Line

Started (at least in part) by: Minnesota Timberwolves forward Anthony Tolliver

The backstory: Tolliver enlisted the help of some of his more famous friends, Golden State guard Steph Curry and Padres pitcher Micah Owings, to start a line of clothes marketed to religious athletes and their fans. A big hit early on was a line of wristbands that read "IJNIP" — In Jesus' Name I Play. Thanks to a slew of religious players who were hot at the moment wearing them (see: Lin, Jeremy), the wristbands "blew up," Tolliver told

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