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The 5 Most Awkward Moments From The Steve Nash Showdown

When NBA players and soccer stars meet on the pitch, things get funny.

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On Wednesday night, Steve Nash held his annual soccer game in Chinatown. It raises money for his foundation and also draws hundreds of soccer and basketball fans to a small park to watch the comically terrible play. Our theory: Nothing is more awkward for soccer pros (of which there were many) than trying to pass the ball or direct non-soccer players (i.e. Danny Green, Mike Dunleavy Jr. and Elton Brand). Here's some of our favorite awkward moments.


Green stood out as the most awkward basketball-er turned soccer player of the group. During the game, Green:

--Kicked the ball 15 feet straight into the air. And stared.

--Stopped throughout the game to talk to fans

--Got nutmegged while playing defense

--During one play, tried to pass to ESPN’s Marc Stein – only to have the ball go about six feet behind him. Green, frustrated, put his arm out to signal where it was supposed to have gone. Sadly, his foot position on the kick told the ball otherwise

“I think it needs a lot of work,” he told BuzzFeed after the game, when asked about his skills. “I played a little bit of defense, I can run. I can run. But other than that there’s not much going on there.”

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