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    That Girl On Ryan Lochte's Lap Is His Sister

    Meet Megan Lochte. She was also a swimmer and is now an aspiring TV personality.

    People Said Lots Of In-Retrospect Gross Stuff About Her Because They Didn't Realize Who She is


    She Swam At University of Maryland Baltimore County

    She Has A Profile On A Talent Agency Website

    She Was On A Talk Show (But It Doesn't Seem To Have Taken Off)

    But According To Her Linked-In Profile Works At A Games Company

    She Takes Lots Of Pictures With Ryan

    She's Super Proud Of Him


    "Best part about the Olympics... Getting to hug your brother and tell him how proud you are of him! Great job Ryry! Thank you everyone for all your sincere care and support for RY and our family, we did it, smchwuuuaaah! — with Ryan Lochte."


    Via http://Facebook

    Update: The other girl in the tabloid pictures, according to Lochte's rep, is his stylist.

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