Metta World Peace’s Best Extracurricular Activities

According to reports, the controversial Laker is playing a detective in The Eleventh Victim, a new movie based on a book written by Nancy Grace. And that’s just one of many crazy, entertaining, and unbelievable things he’s done off the court.

1. Dropped An Album

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Still sporting the moniker “Ron Artest”, World Peace released his album My World . Its tracks included “Haterz”, “Bad Karma” and “La La Ladies”. He somehow got Juvenile and Diddy to appear on it, too.

2. Stripped Down On Jimmy Kimmel

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Well, almost naked. He explained he was “running late” and promised his outfit was indeed shorts – not boxers. “I can even put your pen in my pocket,” he told Kimmel. “I was not freeballing.”

3. Advocated for mental health services in schools

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Metta World Peace spent his offseason in 2011 pushing for mental health programs in schools, citing his own issues and experience.

4. Recorded a rap song …. again

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Undeterred by poor reviews of his last CD, the newly crowned NBA champ released another rap single: “Champion”. Among the lyrics: “We are the champions/We are the champions/We are the champions.”

5. Played Dodgeball

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World Peace played dodgeball in 2010 in a competitive league in Melrose, Calif. His team was called the “Zankou Chicken Presents: Great American Dodgeball Team” and played in the Melrose “A” Mazing League, the Los Angeles Times reported.

6. Became a Reality TV Star

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Or tried. For the second time in two years, World Peace tried his hand at a reality show in 2011. The concept: The formerly troubled star helping ex-cons. Sadly, it never got picked up … even after …

7. He Went Dancing!

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Like many athletes before him, World Peace took his fancy footwork to Dancing With the Stars. Sadly, he was the first celebrity to get the boot.

8. Became A Movie Star

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Got some practice acting — or at least being on a movie set — in Think Like A Man, where had a cameo along with other Lakers players.

9. Was A Super Hero?

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And weeks after delivering a heard-around-the-world elbow to James Harden’s head, appeared in this mind-boggling PSA to talk about mental health.

10. Upcoming: A Lifetime Original Movie

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TV Guide reported that Metta World Peace will play a detective on the heels of a serial killer in a Lifetime Original movie based on TV host Nancy Grace’s novel. His co-stars reportedly include Jennie Garth (above). It wasn’t just his acting chops that helped him land the role, though — Grace told the magazine that the two were close friends. Her words:

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