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Jets Reporter In Bart Scott Fracas Says He's Just Reporting On Bart Scott's Interactions With Other Reporters

Dan Leberfeld claims he is working on a story about Scott's media boycott.

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A Jets writer who had to be separated from Bart Scott during post-practice media time today said he was taking a picture for a story about the possible end of Scott's media boycott.

Scott was speaking to ESPN's Jane McManus when he began threatening "Jets Insider" publisher Dan Leberfeld.

"I'm going to smack the shit out of you," Scott reportedly shouted at Leberfeld.

Leberfeld then shouted back as Jets' public relations staff members stepped between them.

"I took these shots for a story I'm doing on Scott not talking to the media," Leberfeld on his website on Friday.

Scott has reportedly been upset about the media's coverage of the Jets.

According to other reporters' Tweets, Leberfeld also annoyed Scott earlier this week when he photographed him talking to different writer.

In his post on Friday, Leberfeld denied hearing any complaints from Scott prior to Friday's incident.

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