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    25 Marlon Brando GIFs You Need To See That Will Instantly Improve Your Life


    1. Takin' it back for some Marlon Brando GIF appreciation.

    2. Here he is all skeptical.

    3. So much casual while putting on a t-shirt.

    4. That glance should NEVER be allowed.

    5. This one I'll just leave here.

    6. Look at this one of him eating.

    7. Here is one of him fixing that tight t-shirt.

    8. Just passing by, nothing to see he—OMG.

    9. Yes? YES.

    10. The steaming look of curiosity.

    11. Here he is serving up a wild dish of bad boy.

    12. Here he is all salty but still looking SWEET.

    13. Ok, this is enough. It's too much.

    14. The 'Is that really all the GIFs of me you can take?' look.

    15. Moving on. Here is a GIF of him celebrating.

    16. Here is another one of him eating and angry.

    17. All oiled up and greasy in this one.

    18. That side glance.

    19. Making eye contact while casually licking those fingers.

    20. Here he is smirking.

    21. Just simmer in this one.

    22. Here he is all soaked.

    23. Was this a wink or a blink or BOTH?!

    24. That eyebrow lift.

    25. Last but not least, this adorable eye roll.