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16 Things Americans Should Thank Great Britain For

Long live the Queen!

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1. Adele! The Yanks say fanks. We needed someone like you.

2. Mr. Darcy, who has bewitched us, body and soul.

3. David Beckham—for obvious reasons, and making us fall in love with football.

4. The Spice Girls, who brought us the best of '90s fashion, girl power and Victoria Beckham.

5. BACON! Your love for it somehow validates our own obsession.

6. The royals, who remind us to set our standards higher than the Kardashians.

7. Harry Potter: Magical books, movies and a cast that kept it together.

8. James Bond! Unfortunately, we thanked you with Austin Powers.

9. Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell—baddest bitches in the game.

10. Henry Cavill, the beautiful Brit who is one super man.

11. Real Ale, because when we want a real beer, Budweiser just doesn't cut it.

12. Wimbledon the sporting event and Paul Bettany in the movie version.

13. Red Phone Boxes, which let us take cliché photos like The Beatles One Direction has before us.

14. Downton Abbey, even though Maggie Smith doesn't watch it.

15. Andrew Garfield! (Emma Stone, you are living the dream.)

16. Tea! We might've thrown it into the Boston Harbor in 1773, but now it's brought us back together.

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