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    8 Bad Ass Libraries

    As if books weren't cool enough by themselves, they go and put them in these awesome buildings.

    1. National Library of Belarus - Minsk, Belarus

    NileGuide Blog / Via

    2. Real Gabinete Portugues Leitura – Rio de Janeiro

    NileGuide Blog / Via

    3. Seattle Central Library – Seattle, Washington

    NileGuide Blog / Via

    4. The Holy See – Vatican City, Italy

    NileGuide Blog / Via

    5. Geisel Library – La Jolla, California

    NileGuie Blog / Via

    6. Trinity College Library – Dublin, Ireland

    NileGuide Blog / Via

    7. State Law Library of Iowa- Des Moines, Iowa

    NileGuide blog / Via

    8. José Vasconcelos Library – Mexico City, Mexico

    NileGuide Blog / Via
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