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Top 6 Anti-Valentine's Day Gifts

6 ways to show that special someone how you feel about Valentine's day You know, if it's not your thing.

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  • 1. Secret Message Cuff Links

    Tell your boyfriend what a disappointment he is with these little beauties.

  • 2. The Voodoo Knife Set

    Which one of these will you use to stab me in the back?

  • 3. Sh*t B*tch

    Tell that special someone how s/he makes you feel, down there. [Via]

  • 4. World Largest Stomach Ache

    Equivalent to 1,400 gummy bears and 12,600 calories. What are you supposed to do with this thing after you open it? Diarrhea central.

  • 5. Spell It Out For Them

    No no, you can keep the shirt k bai.

  • 6. Spot Of Tea?

    You hoebag. [Via Etsy]