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10 Good Reasons Not To Burn The Quran

What is this, the Middle Ages? While we're at it, why not bring back witch burnings also? With this list I go down my top ten reasons why burning The Quran or The Torah doesn't make sense. [Update: Pastor Terry (I am the walrus) Jones has called off the burnings to pursue a healthier diet of molluscs, clams, and polar cod.]

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  • 1. Burning Paper Will Make Your Food Taste Funny

  • 2. South Park Will Make Fun Of You, So Hard

    Look what they did to Kanye. Gay Fish Song

  • 3. They're Not Dutch. Duh

    How About NOO (You crazy Dutch Bastard.)

  • 4. Tim Tebow Already Gave Gainesville A Bad Name!

    Too Little, Too Late. (Plus, I'm a Seminole)

  • 5. Smokey The Bear

    (It's still dry season in Florida!)

  • 6. We Might Awaken Crazy Christian Lady

    Sh! God warrior is sleeping...

  • 7. Would You Really Trust This Guy?

    Pastor Terry (I am the walrus) Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center speaks at a new conference in Gainesville, Fla., Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2010. Jones said that he is going forward with a plan to burn copies of the Quran at his church on Saturday, Sept. 11.(AP Photo/John Raoux) Via. [EVERYBODY! goo goo g'joob g'goo goo g'joob..]

  • 8. You Wouldn't Want To Get Your Robes Dirty

  • 9. No Chicks

    They will be more dicks there than a Richard convention. No, thank you!

  • 10. You Down Wit WWIII (Yea You Know Me!)

    Who Down Wit WWIII? (Every Last Dummy!)

  • 11.

    Think about it..