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Thom Yorke's Dance Moves Broken Down

Dancing Thom knows you want to dance like him. So we break it down, step by step. Just in time for the weekend!

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  • 1. The Showerhead

    Raise the left arm gently to form a shower over your hat. The water flowing imagination ... your hat! You're not dreaming, water flows and indeed, you are fully dressed! Nothing stops you, you're crazy singing, free.

  • 2. The Egyptian

    Often mistaken as a "moonwalk" missed, this is not actually a stealthy homage to one of the main influences of Radiohead, Pablo Honey period, the music of the Bangles . We can probably also see a modest nod to the ongoing revolutions in the Arab world.

  • 3. The Jester

    This beautiful and ambiguous position both merges signs of domination and terror. Once in place, rocking from side to side like a drunken boat of women and painting. Mischievous jester and lucid to the big leagues, you signify your resistance, even within an unjust system.

  • 4. The Rag

    Your body is like hanging on a clothesline imagination. Reproduce the motion in reverse from left to right, frantically. You then become a red cloth which was stirred to mean imminent danger, including that of being interned.

  • 5. The Empty Pocket

    Thom Yorke here illustrates one of the strong words of the song " I Will sneak Myself Into Your Pocket . " Hands in his pockets symbolize so much the fact of returning in a pocket that sound cynical distance from the ways of the world, marketing, etc. pockets.

  • 6. The Karate

    This gesture symbolizes the typical karate fight cons of Radiohead's music majors and capitalism. Hands outstretched in a gesture typical of fist-fucking unequivocally refer to notorious abuse suffered by the group in terms of income and media exposure for 15 years.

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  • 8. BONUS!

    Thom Yum Soup