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Happy Birthday Chuck Norris!

In case you were not aware, today is Chuck Norris’ birthday. The former “Walker, Texas Ranger” and overall badass from a different dimension is 71 years young today. Let's celebrate by listing your favorite Chuck Norris 'facts'.

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  • Chuck Norris can play Call Of Duty Black Ops on a PS3.......with the Power Glove.

  • Chuck Norris has a dislike button on his Facebook account.

  • Bruce Lee beat Chuck Norris. Bruce Lee mysteriously died. Coincidence?

  • Chuck Norris' beard has a 1 foot punch.

  • Korea once sent an army......... America sent Chuck Norris with a bb gun.

  • The abbreviation "CN" actually means Chuck Norris not Cartoon Network.

  • New York wears an I love Chuck Norris t-shirt.

  • Chuck Norris' hat actually weighs 750 pounds.

  • Instead of a bullet proof vest, Chuck Norris wears a denim jacket.

  • 12/21/2012, will be the day Chuck Norris agrees to take on a clone of himself in a Chuck V Chuck deathmatch. As a result the earth will implode.

  • The earth is spinning becaue of a roundhouse kick Chuck Norris gave it 4 billion years ago.

  • You know JFK, he was the last person to stare Chuck Norris in the eyes.

  • Chuck Norris can use his finger for a lighter.

  • Bonus!

    Chuck clearly wins.

  • Add your favorite!