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    Posted on Sep 17, 2010

    Reasons Not To Get Married - Guy Edition

    Challenge! Who has the better reasons to not get married? The Guys or the Girls? Here are some solid reasons why you should not get married... If you're a guy. [Ed's Note: I will tally up total number of comments in a couple of days to see who will be the victor. Ps - If you are getting married soon, this post may not be for you.] Check out the Girl Edition.

    • 1. Before/After Marriage

    • 2.

      This guy would prob kick my butt for posting this. Sorry duders.

    • 3.

    • 4. At First, Partners In Crime Like Ricky & Lucy Ricardo

    • 5. Afterwards Partners In Crime Like Fred & Ethal

      (Ok, this one is mutually bad)

    • 6.

      I think my main argument here is that girls will get fat. (yeah, I said it)

    • 7.

    • 8.

    • 9.

    • 10. BONUS!

      She will turn into a plastic psycho.

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