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Cockroach Brains May One Day Save Your Life

They crawl, they bite, they make your sister wake you up at night. These guys might one day also save your life. SO LET'S GET TO EATING THEM ALL!

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  • 1. How Cockroach Brains May One Day Save Your Life

    According to Physorg, the hearty critters actually possess powerful antibiotic properties inside their little brains which could be used to help combat drug resistant bacterial infection in humans. OM NOM NOM NOM [Via]

  • 2. 20 Peso Spanish Cockroach


  • 3. Giant Chinese Cockroach


  • 4. Bear Grylls (Need I Say More?)

    Bear Eats Gigantic Rhino Beetle Larvae. (:56 seconds in.)

  • 5. Eating A Madagascar Cockroach

  • 6. BONUS!!

    Casu marzu -- It is a delicacy made from sheeps milk, and can be translated literally from Sardinian as rotten cheese. Not only is the cheese spoiled, but its riddled with MAGGOTS on purpose! HELLZ YEAH!