• 1. Lady Gaga - Alejandro

  • 2. Soldiers In Drag!

    We had ROTC where I went to high school. And NO ONE looked like this.

  • 3. Gaga Goes Steampunk

    Arcanum meets Predator meets David Bowie’s Outside?

  • 4. Gaga Smokes A Pipe

    That’s just a stunt pipe, right Gaga?

  • 5. Gaga As A Nun

    A nun who likes LATEX!

  • 6. Gaga Gets Into Bed

    Hot like Mexico! Bad Romance indeed!

  • 7. Bedtime For Gaga!

    Because Gaga is sick and tired of you borrowing her heels without asking!

  • 8. Strategically Placed Signifiers

    Strategically Placed Signifiers

  • 9. More Crosses

    Is this Gaga as the Virgin Mary? The mind reels with overt hagiographic symbolism. At this point I’m also positive Gaga’s read The Handmaid’s Tale.

  • 10. Gaga Swallows A Rosary

    I’m not even making this up.

  • 11. The Crucifixion Of Gaga?

    #justsayin — See the rest of the list here!