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20 Bad-Ass Scenes Of Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro' Video

Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” video didn't feature a wig in the shape of a telephone or the scary Blade Runner monsters of her "Bad Romance" video. But that doesn't mean it wasn't still totally provocative. Quite the contrary! Draped in the dark cloak of German Expressionism, Gaga gave us male soldiers in fishnets, and enough religious imagery to send your super-strict uncle to a total tizzy. [Via]

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  • 1. Lady Gaga - Alejandro

  • 2. Soldiers In Drag!

    We had ROTC where I went to high school. And NO ONE looked like this.

  • 3. Gaga Goes Steampunk

    Arcanum meets Predator meets David Bowie's Outside?

  • 4. Gaga Smokes A Pipe

    That's just a stunt pipe, right Gaga?

  • 5. Gaga As A Nun

    A nun who likes LATEX!

  • 6. Gaga Gets Into Bed

    Hot like Mexico! Bad Romance indeed!

  • 7. Bedtime For Gaga!

    Because Gaga is sick and tired of you borrowing her heels without asking!

  • 8. Strategically Placed Signifiers

    Strategically Placed Signifiers

  • 9. More Crosses

    Is this Gaga as the Virgin Mary? The mind reels with overt hagiographic symbolism. At this point I'm also positive Gaga's read The Handmaid's Tale.

  • 10. Gaga Swallows A Rosary

    I'm not even making this up.

  • 11. The Crucifixion Of Gaga?

    #justsayin -- See the rest of the list here!


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