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10 Things You Didn't Know About The Hipster Grifter

Or maybe didn't care to know...? Here it goes anyway! The lovable Kari Ferrell has had her fair share of trouble in the past. But since then she's all cleaned up and looking good! Let's celebrate two years with the Drifter, internet. <3

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  • 1. Law & Order: With Hot Dogs!

    She had a character on Law & Order based on her. (Who can find a clip?!)

  • 2. She inspired, 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' book

    Ok, that's not true, but she does have an amazing chest piece.

  • 3. She has an epic I heart beards tattoo

  • 4. She was made into a 'Paper Foldable'


  • 5. She has a Twitter account


  • 6. She's been known to Tweet while having...

    Well, you can figure it out.. SFW

  • 7. 'She was bored.. then she robbed your stupid hipster ass'

    She has inspired street art.

  • 8. Alt-Bingo anyone?

  • 9. She's engaged to be married

    It's a trap! J/k

  • 10. It's her birthday!!

    Wish her a happy bday and thanks for playing 'where are they now'!