• 1. Law & Order: With Hot Dogs!

    She had a character on Law & Order based on her. (Who can find a clip?!)

  • 2. She inspired, ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ book

    Ok, that’s not true, but she does have an amazing chest piece.

  • 3. She has an epic I heart beards tattoo

  • 4. She was made into a ‘Paper Foldable’


  • 5. She has a Twitter account


  • 6. She’s been known to Tweet while having…

    Well, you can figure it out.. SFW

  • 7. ‘She was bored.. then she robbed your stupid hipster ass’

    She has inspired street art.

  • 8. Alt-Bingo anyone?

  • 9. She’s engaged to be married

    It’s a trap! J/k

  • 10. It’s her birthday!!

    Wish her a happy bday and thanks for playing ‘where are they now’!