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14 Times Louis Got Way Too Riel

The Father of Manitoba was a straight-up bad ass.

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I. Bennetto & Co. / Via Wikimedia Commons

"I have nothing but my heart and I have given it long ago to my country."

Louis Riel, the Father of Manitoba and the Leader of the Métis people, was once considered a traitor for many years following his execution. But now he's being hailed a hero among Canadians.

He fought for Métis culture and sovereignty, and ultimately, gave a people displaced by the Canadian government a place to call home. Here are just a few items that made it all possible, and how Louis kept it Riel:

2. 1869: Louis Riel leads an army of Métis horsemen to stop the Canadian Government's land survey of the Red River Settlement.

"Louis Riel 1868" / Via Wikimedia Commons

This, Rielly, is just the tipping point for Riel's career in leading rebellions.

3. 1869: Louis Riel forms the Provisional Government.

"Provisional Metis Government" / Via Wikimedia Commons

Some other dude is first named president, but 20 days later, Riel becomes the Riel president of it all.


4. 1870: Louis Riel executes prisoner Thomas Scott.

"Shooting Thomas Scott" / Via Wikimedia Commons

Scott was a land surveyor and apparently very rude. Riel needed to prove that the Provisional Government was a Riel government.


12. 1884: Louis Riel has been chillin' in New York with his wife and kids for 10 years, but that gets old for him.

"Jean-Louis Angelique Riel" by Steele & Wing / Via Wikimedia Commons

And he moves back to the Canadian prairies to be a Riel leader of a Métis uprising.

A tragic end for Louis, but he was the Riel deal.