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You Have To See These Gorgeous Disney Mash-Up Drawings

They're new, fantastic points of views!

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Artist dada16808 recently posted some beautiful, hand-drawn Disney mash-ups on Instagram. Just look at this spectacular mix of Belle and the Beast:

Instagram: @dada16808

♫ Oh, isn't this amazing? ♫

And this detailed drawing of Tarzan and Kerchak:

Instagram: @dada16808

And this enchanting mermaid mashup of Ariel and Vanessa:

Instagram: @dada16808

♫ Isn't it neat? ♫

Of course she had to do Anna and Elsa:

Instagram: @dada16808

And this Jasmine and Rajah mash-up is a literal masterpiece:

Instagram: @dada16808

♫ A new fantastic point of view ♫

The artist even shows some of her detailed drawing process:

Instagram: @dada16808

Let's hope dada16808 has more up her sleeve in the future.

Instagram: @dada16808

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