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    Here's What The Disney Princesses Would Look Like Without Noses

    Is a dream actually a wish your heart makes? Who nose.

    1. Ariel:

    Disney/Nikki Francois

    "I wanna be where the people are. Sniffing around with that, what do you call it? Oh nose!"

    2. Belle:

    Disney/Nikki Francois

    At least her nose isn't stuck in a book anymore.

    3. Snow White:

    ♫Some day my nose will come♫

    4. Tiana


    ♫ I never knew I needed a nose ♫

    5. Anna:


    "What if you hate the way he picks his nose?" -Kristoff

    "We're royals. We don't have noses to pick." -Anna

    6. Pocahontas:


    Painting with the colors of the wind doesn't make any scents.

    7. Jasmine:


    ♫Oh, I come from a land, from a faraway place

    Where the caravan camels roam

    Where they cut off your nose

    If they don't like your face♫

    8. Mulan


    ♫Who is that girl I see

    Staring straight back at me?

    When will my reflection show

    a beautiful little nose?♫

    9. Aurora:


    ♫ I know you

    I sniffed with you

    Once upon a dream ♫

    10. Cinderella


    Is a dream actually a wish your heart makes? Who nose.

    11. Rapunzel


    Mother nose best.

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