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There's Something Called Mountain Pong And It's Amazing.


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The creator, Mike Rockwell, said that he came up with the idea "while he was at at college party and every party had the same pong game." So, he decided to create something more interesting than your regular-old beer pong.

It's made out of a multi-level system, making beer pong more challenging. You can play in a few ways including a) where you hit every cup in the specific level to move on to the next level (aka "mountain climbing") or b) where you can just hit any cup on any level.

As well as being innovative, it's practical. The ABS plastic base allows the cups not to move or spill everywhere like normal beer pong. Rockwell says because of the high quality plastic, you can take it anywhere from the beach to tailgates to parties.

This is obviously something that every college student needs.

View this video on YouTube
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