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27 Of The Best Responses To One Direction's "Hiatus" News

From superfans to ~haters~, this is how the internet is reacting to the possible "break" of the popular boy band.

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1. This one about a loving granny:

My grandma just called me and told me she heard the bad news about one direction and is baking me cookies.

2. YEP:

How i feel about #OneDirection #1dsplit...

3. Thanks for the support, Good Morning Britain

Is your child struggling to cope with the One Direction news? Get in touch for expert help

4. SHH

"Hey did you hear about one dire.." #MTVHottest One Direction

5. This punny character:

"1D WILL SPLIT" OK HERE YOU GO!1!1 #MTVHottest One Direction

6. No crying allowed:

person: are you going to cry when 1d break up? me: #MTVHottest One Direction

7. If Britney can make it through, so can 1D fans:

8. This sad bear:

Grizzly bear protests One Direction's split by rolling all the way down a hill.

9. For the ~haters~

10. This Harry fan:

Harry showing up to the One Direction reunion 5 years after they split :)

11. *swims away from ur lies*

1D will split up in March the fandom be like: #OneDirection

12. LOL grown men

Reaction of teenage girls to the One Direction split is nowhere near as histrionic as that of grown men to Jeremy Clarkson leaving Top Gear.

13. Ok, you're right.

I hate to be a pedant, but technically, if One Direction have split they can't actually go their separate ways.

14. This fan who's still in denial:

"one direction to split up in march." #OneDirection

15. This one's literally in de-niall

One direction split... I'm in de-Niall

16. Say what?

Liam: fifth album coming up, a new tour we're all exited the sun: one direction to break up in march Liam:

17. If only:

President Obama is live at the White House all set to break the news to the world #1Dsplit

18. Very tru:

If I had a dollar everytime a tabloid said One Direction will break up #OneDirection

19. You've got that one thing.

I'm not making any jokes about the One Direction split, that's what makes me beautiful

20. Yep.

Basically....... #1dsplit #spicegirl

21. Bc Niall really loves his boys:

*niall hears about break-up rumors* *niall locks the boys in a room* niall: y'all gonna stay here beetches #MTVHottest One Direction

22. "That's it haters"

When people try and say One Direction split up

23. This concerned dad:

my dad just came in " direction have split. Art is dead"

24. This even more concerned dad:

I told my dad One Direction have split up and every 5 minutes he's like "How could they do this to us?! It's just totally unfair!!"

25. Just LOL dads:

I just told my dad that One Direction broke up and he said "oh now they're five directions".........

26. This optimistic mom:

My moms reaction to the news of the One Direction hiatus #lol #number1fan

27. Tru:

One Direction are splitting up next March. Which means the One Direction Reunion Tour starts in March 2019. Book now!

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