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9 Reasons Why Ben Higgins Should Be The Next "Bachelor"

#BenHForBachelor, because duh.

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1. He respects Kaitlyn, even though she didn't pick him.

This wonderful girl deserves happiness. Much respect for you @kaitlynbristowe and glad you were our bachelorette.

Can you say one of the classiest bachelorette exits? Thanks for not being a complete jerk like Ian was.

P.S.: Ian, you're never going to be the bachelor with that attitude. I was totally rooting for you in the beginning too!

2. He was quite a cute baby.

D'awh. Look at him getting an early start on his hot bod today.

3. He never slut-shamed Kaitlyn.

3 reasons to praise ‘The Bachelorette’ instead of slut-shaming her:

In fact, he retweeted this article. You're the, Ben.

4. He loves his bros.

He posts frequently about the importance of bromances.


5. He went along with all of Kaitlyn's shenanigans.

Including square dancing and auditioning for a Broadway musical. He totally always had a positive attitude to whatever Kaitlyn threw his way. He can dance too.

6. He's great with kids.

Remember when he had to teach grade school kids about sex and he did it in a way that was wonderfully adorable? Yeah, he's perfect.

7. Ugh even more perfect, he volunteers.

Check out @humanityandhope or shoot them an email at hope this helps!

You da real MVP, Ben.

8. He loves the great outdoors.

From his Instagram, he seems to love hiking, fishing and even a little moose watching.

Update: According to E!, Ben Higgins has reportedly been chosen as the next Bachelor!

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