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    16 Wisconsin Cheese Curds That Change The Whole Damn Game

    You probably should come visit Wisconsin ASAP.

    If you didn't know, cheese curds are delicious fried pieces of cheese that are a staple to every Wisconsin restaurant.

    1. And they are SOOOO GOOD. Like these babies from Cafe Hollander.

    2. Then there are these babies that are giving us LIFE.

    3. Or these little guys paired with a Wisconsin beer.

    4. You can even try this pizza with curds ON TOP OF IT. 😍

    5. Even The University of Wisconsin's dining halls have curds.

    6. How about these creamy curds mixed with fries?

    7. These curds served with marinara look incredible.

    8. Or these, paired with a flight of Wisconsin beer:

    9. Or these garnished curds.

    10. Cheese and more cheese, please.

    11. Can ya say "cheese"?!

    12. May as well get two orders of them.

    13. Try them with different sauces for added flavor.

    14. Of course you HAVE to try the classic Culver's cheese curds:

    15. Honestly, once you try curds, you won't be able to get enough.

    16. They're easier on the eyes than a boyfriend will ever be. 😍👏🏼

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