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A Guy Sent 240 Donuts To College Police After Being Kicked Out Of Football Game

"Donuts are awesome, but coconut donuts are not so awesome."

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An Imgur user posted an image of 20 dozen donuts sent to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Department.

Imgur User 20dozendonuts / Via

According to the user, 20DozenDonuts, a friend sent over 200 donuts to the police department after being kicked out of the Wisconsin Badger football game at Camp Randall in Madison, Wisconsin on Nov 21.

The user also noted the donuts had to be specially made for the request.

The unidentified man responded with that he sent coconut donuts because "donuts are awesome, but coconut donuts are not so awesome."

In the response, he explains how he was a guest from out-of-state and did not understand the seating situation at Camp Randall Stadium. At Camp Randall for student seating, you must go through a certain line to pick up a certain section's ticket. He accidentally picked up the wrong section, while all of his friends went to another section. Because of this, he alleges he tried to enter his friends section, but got promptly kicked out of the entire game by UW Police Officers.

He says he was respectful to the officers, but did not receive respect back as he tried to explain his situation that he was from out-of-state.

Because he got kicked out of the Badger game at Camp Randall, he says he sent the donuts because he respects what university police officers do, but he did not appreciate how he was treated on Saturday.

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