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22 Times The "Growing Up In Wisconsin" Hashtag Was Too Real

America's dairyland, everybody.

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1. When you went to local festivals such as "Bratfest" or "Cornfest":

#GrowingUpInWisconsin Living in a city where there is a 3 day festival named after a sausage

2. When the Packers were your life:

#growingupinwisconsin wearing packer jerseys to church

3. When cheese has to be a part of every meal:

#growingupinwisconsin when in doubt, throw some cheese on it

4. ESPECIALLY when that cheese is cheese curds:

#GrowingUpInWisconsin I know what REAL cheese curds are and yeah, I eat them by the pound @ Hollandale Grocery


5. When you never ever got a snow day because Wisconsinites can handle the snow, right?!

in winter, when its 30 below, every school is closed but yours, then trying to make it there without crashing, that's #GrowingUpInWisconsin

6. When you never ever know what the temperature is REALLY going to be like:

#GrowingUpInWisconsin never really knowing how to "dress for the weather" because it always changes five times a day

7. When you knew it was ~summertime~:

Wearing shorts and a t shirt when it's 40 degrees out. #growingupinwisconsin

8. When That '70s Show was your favorite:

#GrowingUpInWisconsin Getting way too excited whenever Wisconsin is mentioned in TV shows or music.


9. Or when this happened:

#GrowingUpInWisconsin feeling personally victimized every time a Disney or Nickelodeon show made a joke about Wisconsin

10. When people not from Wisconsin don't know Wisconsin:

#GrowingUpInWisconsin everyone out of state thinks you own a farm...

11. When, once again, Packers were life:

#GrowingUpInWisconsin u cried when Favre lost his dad, u prayed when Deanna had cancer, & u hated Rodgers until u found out he was Jesus

12. And when this was totally acceptable:

#GrowingUpInWisconsin pre-gaming during church is acceptable if it's Packer Sunday


13. When beer:

#growingupinwisconsin beer is acceptable with any meal.

14. When you're always and forever obsessed with Culvers:

#GrowingUpInWisconsin // Forever getting a kids meal at Culvers just for the free scoop...

15. When you never agonized over what you should eat for dinner:

#GrowingUpInWisconsin My dinner was cheese curds and ranch dressing 😂

16. When life wasn't fair:

#GrowingUpInWisconsin Having the water park capital of the world, when 8 months of the year are winter 🎅🏿💯


17. When all vacations were predictable:

everyone goes "up north" during vacation #GrowingUpInWisconsin

18. This:

19. When cavities weren't the concern:

At family reunions, there are 5 coolers of beer and a 12 pack of soda #growingupinwisconsin

20. When everything deserves a tailgate:



21. When they made you learn the polka in gym class:

22. And finally, THIS:

Home sweet home. #growingupinwisconsin

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