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If Donald Trump Quotes Were Motivational Posters

"The line ‘Make America Great Again’ the phrase, that was mine."

Nikita Redkar • 3 years ago

16 Things Everyone Should Be Thankful For Year-Round

Thanksgiving holidays may be over, but gratitude doesn't have to be.

Nikita Redkar • 4 years ago

10 Pumpkin Carvings Made Of Every 20-Something's Worst Nightmares

Because nothing is quite more frightful than reality.

Nikita Redkar • 4 years ago

14 Stages Of A Relationship According To High Schoolers' Analogies

Quotes are original entries from Washington Post's "Worst Analogies Ever Written in a High School Essay" contest.

Nikita Redkar • 4 years ago

18 Things Winnie The Pooh Taught Us About Growing Up

Let's take a walk in the 100 acre woods of wisdom.

Nikita Redkar • 4 years ago