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This Is The Most Confusing Music Video Of Summer 2015 So Far

Because Jordin Spark's "Right Here, Right Now" is mad confusing and in the words of Bad Girls Club season 9's Erika "I don't understand".

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To give a quick update, in late 2014 Jordin Sparks announced that she was coming out with new music and a new sound for 2015. She released her mixtape #ByeFelicia to give the world a preview. The mixtape is below if you care to listen.

LA Leakers

Then on July 9, 2015, Jordin Sparks released the music video for her upcoming album's latest single "Right Here, Right Now".

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Here's a play by play of why:

1. Ok this beat is interesting. Very commanding. A little too commanding.

2. Jordin is killing it in that dress. In the middle of a desert? Is this "Rock The Boat" by Aaliyah?

3. "INCOMING!". Oh that's the tag for the R&B Producer Dem Jointz. He's done work for Sevyn Streeter and Danity Kane.

4. Oh shit, "INCOMING" is foreshadowing something.

5. Why is there a random Capoeira artist in the desert? Maybe he's the love interest.

6. Whoa, that belly dancer came from out of no fucking where...

7. Jordin's dancing too. Ok I guess we can twerk to this beat.

8. Another close up on Jordin's weird facial expressions.


9. That guy on the track is pulsating it beyond measures...

10. He's drowning out her barely audible lyrics.

11. Did she just say "bet the neighbors know your name". Obvious outdated Trey Songz reference used.


12. So according to the lyrics, Jordin doesn't want her neighbors hearing her have sex so she "might" waste her money on a hotel room.

13. Mmmm, been there before, I guess.

14. Ok "Vegas wedding on the strip". Mad confused.

15. Where are the two dancers we were introduced to?

16. The beat just did a complete 180.

17. Is this the refrain?

18. Who the hell is this random guy walking in the desert? Is this her love interest?

19. Hold the phone, who is this random white lady walking to him? They both came from no where to embrace.

20. Now Jordin is sitting on a throne by random vegetation.

21. Are these her male servants or nah?

22. #ByeFelicia

23. Now she needs assurance on her relationship status.

24. The men are just standing there. Like not serving her.... And there's like 6 of them.

25. Yes, the belly dancer has returned. #BadBitchPoints


26. But the belly dancer has a sword.

27. Why is Jordin jumping from the throne to standing in the middle of the desert?

28. The pulsating beat man is back to yelling over the track...

29. This sounds like two different songs getting mashed into one.


30. The belly dancer's sword is gone. She has nothing to do with Jordin! Like at all...

31. Does Jordin think all of this is cool?

32. The beat does not match the video whats so ever.

33. And for some strange reason I'm still riding with this.

34. What is up with all these key changes in the vocal?

35. In the words of my grandparents, this song sounds "jumbled up".

36. The refrain comes back and all Jordin wants is "a little kiss"???



38. Ooop, what was that little pageant spin she tried to do in that white dress?

39. Is that Rita Ora?


40. Why is Rita Ora in this video?!

41. But that's not Rita Ora though...

42. Is she Jordin's love interest then?

43. No she's not. The knock off Rita Ora is kissing a random guy.

44. Why is Jordin so single in this video?

45. Is she supposed to be a "Love Goddess"?


46. All hail Love Goddess Jordin!

47. I couldn't say that with a straight face...

48. How many pitch shifts does this song have?

49. I'm mad confused by the song.

50. I swear they put together like three songs into one...

51. Where is the belly dancer?

52. LMAO! She's spinning again!

53. Why is she walking like that in the desert?

54. How much did this video cost to make?

55. Is this a Disney princess audition tape?

56. Whoa the Capoeira guy is super pissed "Right Here, Right Now".

57. Did she just think she did something with that additional "right now"?

58. The video ended and I'm still mad confused.


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