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How #GrowingUpBlack Are You?

Inspired by the popular Twitter hashtag #GrowingUpBlack see if you experienced any of the following.

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  1. 1. Did you...

    Cry when Aaliyah passed but knew Beyoncé was here to "save the day"?
    Eat a fried bologna sandwich?
    Wear hair ties with big bubbles?
    Have either Blue Magic Sheen or Just For Me hair care products?
    Read your parents subscription of Jet Magazine or Ebony Magazine?
    Watch 106 & Park hoping Free and AJ would come back?
    Get annoyed with the older adults that only had channels 3, 5, 7 and 11?
    Think Denzel Washington was the only black guy in Hollywood?
    Or Morgan Freeman?
    Or Eddie Murphy?
    Hope your mom didn't wait to exhale like Angela Bassett?
    But knew what your aunt meant by Set It Off?
    Have Poetic Justice braids?
    Or at least Moesha braids?
    Understand The Proud Family's jokes?
    Think Skeeter from Doug was black?
    Give side eye to a white person that said "I don't have privilege"?
    Get excited when you saw the Black History Month bullentin board?
    But then get upset when March 1st came around?
    But then get excited when you heard "McDonalds 365"?
    Understand "do you have McDonalds money"?
    Find only condiments in the fridge and knew mom wasn't coming home from work in another 5 hours?
    Forget to take the chicken out the freezer and it's 4 PM!
    Have an HBCU at the top of your college visits?
    Wish you would win a scholarship from The Tom Joyner Morning Show?
    Or at least wish your grandparents won tickets to TJMS family reunion cruise?
    Listen to all the gossip at the salon or barbershop?
    Fellas did you get a hi top fade because of House Party?
    Understand the fighting power of vaseline?
    Recite at least 4 lines from MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech?
    Believe Rosa Parks was the first original gangsta?
    Bop when you heard "what y'all wanna do, be ballers, shot callers"?
    Get confused when a distant older cousin went "do you remember me? I used to always change your diapers"?
    Watch all 5 hours of "The Jacksons: An American Dream"?
    Ok maybe every time it comes on?
    Sing "nights like this I wish that raindrops would falllll"?
    Never dare talk back to your mom?
    Get shocked when you heard Brandon or Lizzie say "SHUT UP MOM"?
    Then fall to your early death when Brandon or Lizzie's mom cried instead of reacting?
    Cringe when your grandparents said the word "switch"?
    Start The Wobble or Cupid Shuffle at the Family Reunion?
    Revel in the fact that you were the star at a white party because you knew all the dances and had the most rhythm?
    Want to pop off on someone who refuted "Black Lives Matter" with "All Lives Matter"?
    Anticipate Nas and Jay Z's diss tracks being played on the radio?
    Passionately argue if 2Pac or Biggie was a better MC and G.O.A.T.
    Understand that C.R.E.A.M. was not about ice cream or corn?
    Get confused the first time you saw plastic on antique furniture?
    Know that street light was a curfew?
    Get called in the room just to hand mom the remote?
    Avoid dirt getting on your Jordans or Air Force Ones?
    Rock FUBU?
    Sean John?
    Baby Phat?
    House of Dereon?
    Enjoy when Venus and Serena Williams played with beads in their hair?
    And enjoyed it even more when they destroyed racist opponents?
    Fix your face when your mom said "I'll give you something to cry about"?
    Dread parent/teacher conference night because you knew you fucked up?
    Hate when your parent was aggresive while combing or brushing your hair?
    Drink at least 2 Huggies to quench your thirst?
    Understand 50 Cent's question "what up gangsta"?
    Hear "you better know your schoolwork just like them lyrics"?
    Understand the importance of your dad or uncle's sweat rag?
    Admire the Huxtables?
    But knew the struggles on Good Times?
    Love Snick's black line up?
    See Martin and Gina as relationship goals?
    Know someone like Shenehneh?
    Know about the Nae Nae before "Watch Me"?
    Know that "Drop That Nae Nae" was the original song in 2014?
    Not fall for Iggy Azalea's "Fancy"?
    Understand R Kelly was the reason behind your brother or sister?
    And Al Green for your parents?
    Get annoyed when your parents snapped just cause?
    Hate when people touched your hair or commented on it?
    Get paranoid when it was time to introduce your bae of a different ethnicity to the family?
    Value Tyler Perry films because you experienced at least one theme?
    But knew Spike Lee was the better director?
    Laugh at the fact that you have magical genes that prevent early aging.
    Took a selfie video in the car with music in the background, hitting each angle?
    Tried to hit Whitney's high notes?
    Think Ja Rule was a God?
    Know that "[Insert Female Artist] feat. Ja Rule" was the best thing ever.
    Called yourself (or referred to someone) as Sugar Honey Iced Tea?
    Lay down on a large comforter on the floor at a sleepover at the grandparents' house?
    Air dry your hands because you knew you couldn't use the decorative towels?
    Hate thunderstorm advisories because you knew you had to turn off all the electronics?
    Hate when people thought basketball was your only future.
    Experienced a long ass handshake when greeting someone.
    Thought "gay" was a curse word?
    Identify as black. Identify as black.
    Know that your black is beautiful!
    Know that we will be alright!
    Know that you wouldn't change any of these experiences because it made you who you are today!

How #GrowingUpBlack Are You?

Are you sure you are not Rachel Dolezal? *If you are black, however, then we understand that your experiences may not have been like most of Black Twitter and that's completely fine.

NAACP Spokane
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Iggy, Iggy, Iggy can't you see that some of your experiences are imaginary . So we just want to tell you this, you need to up you game on this list? *If you are black, however, then we understand that your experiences may not have been like most of Black Twitter and that's completely fine.

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Ok so you have experienced about half the things on this list! Don't let this deter you from your upbringing however!

US Magazine
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You grew up black. You understand the struggles alright.

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You definitely grew up black! You know this hashtag is your life! You should be proud!

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