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    • Response to 12 Unborn Animals In The Womb You Have To See To Believe:

      Man, I totally regret getting that abortion in high school. Oh wait, no I don’t, not one single bit. I’m not raising the child of my rapist that I did not want or ask for and I am living the life that I choose to live, not a life chosen for me. If faced with the same decision now as an adult, I would do it all over again. You may not agree with my decision, but you don’t have to, because it is MY decision. At the end of the day, I’m far more successful and happier than if I had not done what I needed to do and misinformative posts on the internet aren’t going to sway my mind one way or the other. Moral beliefs or not, the option for abortion NEEDS to be available for women. Because news flash, WE’RE ALL DIFFERENT PEOPLE! We all have different beliefs, needs, and experiences. Your religious beliefs should not be allowed to affect my healthcare. It’s incredibly dangerous to not allow medical care to people who need it just because it doesn’t follow your personal code of ethics. Nobody is going to force abortions on anyone that does not want one and people aren’t going to start getting abortions left and right like they’re visits to get your hair cut. While the decision for you to not have an abortion may be easy, for some it may be their only option.

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