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10 Reasons We Love Shah Rukh Khan

There's no reason not to like him, really!

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I know many people don't agree, but he's a great actor. Think about his characters in Baazigar, DTPH, Chak De! India, Swades, My Name is Khan, and even Chennai Express. He's carried all those different characters off so well.



This should probably have been number 1, but he is one of the most charming men I have ever seen and definitely haven’t met. (ha! I wish!) Even when he makes what might seem as snooty comments, you can’t help but smile and know that there’s no intent of arrogance behind that dimpled smile.


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He’s a great entertainer, and just-as-awesome at business. Before any of the other actors jumped on board the ‘marketing’ wagon, SRK was already on it… or let’s say he was driving the wagon. He had some of the best brand endorsements, knew exactly how to brand himself and his films, or even his IPL team! (GO KKR! :D ) He knows his strengths, and he knows how to use them.



The sheer energy he brings to any event he's at. Who'd believe he's got health issues? Or his age? Or even how much work he does everyday? It's like one of those energy boosters on a video game have been activated when he walks on to the stage.

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