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Seven Times Instagram Reminded Us About Growing Up In A Black Church

If you forgot was it was like to be a black kid in church, one Instagram sensation is here to remind you.

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Internet star Karlton Humes boasts a following of more than 92,000 people who depend on him for daily laughs at his various characters, including bird flipping LeeLee (it's a pause; and it's two ee's, not one).

Gently poking fun at his experiences growing up Cogic, the Hayti, Missouri native and University of Pine Bluff Arkansas student is a master at making us smile and reminisce about our own church experiences.

Here's a look at my favorite videos:

1. Untraditional ways of showing thanks

Karlton Humes / Via Instagram: @notkarltonbanks

Reason 157 why they never let little Tyrone have the microphone.

2. Greeting the Pastor and First Lady

Karlton Humes / Via Instagram: @notkarltonbanks

I grew up Methodist, so while this was always Greek to me, this is exactly how I remember it.

3. Mother’s Day surprise

Karlton Humes / Via Instagram: @notkarltonbanks

Growing up, we always looked forward to mom/grandma/guardian opening Mother's Day presents before church. Church kid or not....all of us were bad. Some of you still are.

4. When you have to turn up for your seat

Karlton Humes / Via


5. Throwback worship videos

Karlton Humes / Via Instagram: @notkarltonbanks

I dare you to say you didn't have Sunday morning jam sessions before church.

6. Praise dance twerk session

Karlton Humes / Via Instagram: @notkarltonbanks

But it was gospel....

7. When your mama won't stop talking

Karlton Humes / Via Instagram: @notkarltonbanks

Oooooooo, I used to be so mad...and hungry.

Do you have a favorite? Head over to his IG account and check out more of his hilarious videos, then comment below or send me a tweet.

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