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The Definitive Ranking Of Lady Gaga's Music Videos

Yaasss, Gaga!

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The list includes only Gaga's official music videos in which she is the primary artist (Sorry, Tony). Criteria included artistic value, representation of the song, media buzz, how hard her looks slayed, and the hotness of any featured guys.

16. "The Edge of Glory"

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This one was probably a bit obvious. Though fine in its own right, this video leaves something to be desired. It's too simple, and it lacks the typical Gaga zaniness that we've come to know and love. The sweet saxophone solo was great, though.


15. "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)"

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It's one of Gaga's earliest videos, and sadly, also one of her most forgettable. It's a fun, cutesy, and sweet video, but that's about all it's got going for it. Her literal hair bow look elevates this one above "Edge of Glory."

14. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"

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Another of her less successful videos, "BDR" is pretty similar to the "Just Dance" video, but less fun. It's a bit forgettable as well, and the piles of money everywhere seems a little too on the nose. Lacking in hot guys and memorable looks, this one falls short.

13. "You & I"

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Despite my love for Nebraska, "You & I" comes in near the bottom of the list. While it's more classically Gaga than the previous entries on the list, it still lacks the dramatic impact of her bigger videos. She scores points for the hot mad scientist and her cyborg and mermaid looks, but Jo Calderone could have been developed more. Overall, enjoyable but not exceptional.

12. "LoveGame"

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More involved than most of her early work, "LoveGame" is fun, sexy, memorable, and a very fitting representation of the timeless bop. Her looks and choreo elevate this one above the previous entries of this list. The chain-link glasses and the nude jeweled looks slay to this day, and she carries a literal disco stick. Plenty to love here.

11. "Applause"

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As the lead single and video of the Artpop era, "Applause" had hefty expectations placed on it, and perhaps that's why it didn't reach the success it could have. The art direction and styling are both beautiful and intrinsically Gaga, and the influences are evident. The seashell bra alone carries this video — it just wasn't enough to carry this video higher on the list.


10. "Just Dance"

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My high school self would slap me for having this one down at number 10. It does score major nostalgia points, and it has to be recognized as the song and video that started it all. She rocks the lighting bolt mark harder than anyone (Harry Potter who?). It's only fault is that it's outclassed by some of her future masterpieces.

9. "Alejandro"

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Though not quite as big a song for Gaga as some of her others, the video undoubtedly delivers. The film nerd side of me is in love with the artistic direction of this video, and the homo side of me wants to enlist in her army of hotties. (They even manage to pull off those bowl cuts.) And the gun bra is definitely a sharp look. Not many complaints with this one, but there are bigger things to come.

8. "Telephone"

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The "Telephone" music video is definitely an experience. It gets points for ambition, insanity, and memorability. The media buzz around this one at its release makes it impossible to forgot, and the outlandish Gaga flair is apparent throughout. The obvious and frequent product placement bring it down, but her looks and Beyoncé are enough to carry this one to its respectable rank at number eight.

7. "Born This Way"

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On a ranking of Gaga's songs rather than videos, this one would place higher. As it stands, "Born This Way" has a respectable spot in the top 10 because of the acid trip of a birth scene, killer choreography, and the weirdly hot skeleton man. Her extra cheekbones definitely deserve an honorable mention, and the fact that it recalls Sailor Moon at times doesn't hurt its rank either. It's beautiful in its way.

6. "Poker Face"

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This one speaks for itself. As one of her most-watched and beloved videos, it's not a surprise that it places high on the list. It's a proverbial minefield of looks (the crystal mask, the blue futuristic leotard), and the choreo is almost too much to handle. A contender for the top of the list, but not quite enough to push it higher.


5. "Judas"

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This one has it all: choreography, production value, and mesmerizing looks. It was robbed at the VMAs, and I still haven't gotten over it.

4. "G.U.Y."

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This video cheats a little bit, considering it's three songs in one, but I'll allow it. It manages to remain consistent and cohesive enough to be considered a single video, and it looks so good doing it. The setting and styling play a major factor in this one's rank, the choreo is some of her best to date, and oh my god so many fine AF ~guys~.

3. "Marry the Night"

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We're getting close now. "Marry the Night" is one of my very favorite Gaga songs, and the video falls just short of the top spot. The storyline, art direction, and styling are some of her very best, but the personal touches and voice-over really make this one stand out. I still tear up at the "I'm going to make it" part. Every damn time.

Bonus points for fun choreo and the bedazzler. Plus, the amount of man candy in that dance class is enough to make my head spin. Sign me up.

2. "Paparazzi"

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So close, yet so far. Paparazzi checks every box for me, but it was just edged out for the top spot. It fits the song perfectly, Gaga looks fierce throughout, her character is incredibly strong, and helloooooo Alexander Skarsgård. About as iconic as it gets.

1. "Bad Romance"

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This one was a no-brainer with this trifecta: (1) the media buzz was insane (it was the most-watched video on YouTube for a while); (2) its storyline and art direction are short film-worthy; and (3) it is an exceptional representation of one of Gaga's biggest hits. Her looks slay harder in this one than in any of her other videos, and they remain as some of her most memorable to this day. Beautiful, flawless, and completely deserving of the top spot.

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