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15 Signs You're A Fifth (or Sixth) Year Senior

It's called a Victory Lap for a reason, people.

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3. You go out 6-7 nights a week

There is no end to the amount of alcohol you can consume during your fifth year of college. After all, the term Sunday Funday was probably coined by a small gathering of fellow victory-lappers.


6. Your parents have cut you off and you now work a minimum wage job

Yeah, your parents definitely hate you for making them take out their ninth consecutive school loan. Sayonara monthly allowance and utility money, time to fulfill your barista destiny.

7. You're not trying to make new friends

You've had eight glorious semesters at this school, and you've found people that accept and welcome your irresponsibility and complete disregard for social norms - treasure them.


9. Some friends that have graduated only still talk to you for a free place to stay next year

Yeah, that friend that you haven't spoken to since freshmen year that just texted you out of the blue: they really only want to secure a space on your living room floor for next football season.


13. You avoid going back to your hometown like the plague

Because then you have to listen to your high school friends that have graduated college complain about job searches or their new nine to five job. Or worse, explain to their parents that you're still in college with no foreseeable future plans.

14. You can spot the campus douche from a mile away

You've been in the college dating scene for long enough to know when a guy or girl is worth your time. That frat star that strolls into a bar like he owns the place is no longer on your radar.

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