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This Dad Makes The Most Amazing Pancakes You've Ever Seen

They're incrEDIBLE.

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In a post gaining popularity on Reddit, user "ptgkbgte" (a family friend) has uploaded photos of this delicious, totally mind-blowing pancake art. Excuse the cliché, but they really are too good to eat.

Look at this scrumptious whale.

ptgkbgte / Via

And this delicious rhinoceros.

ptgkbgte / Via

This tasty looking Minion from the film Despicable Me.

ptgkbgte / Via

These savory kittens.

ptgkbgte / Via

This mouthwatering elephant pancake.

ptgkbgte / Via

And lastly, this T-Rex. Looks terrifying, but it probably tastes so good.

ptgkbgte / Via

The big question is, how does he do it? Check out more pictures here.

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