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26 Signs You Are Most Definitely A Travel Junkie

Because the world really is your oyster.

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1. You have friends/exes/one-stands from almost every continent.

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2. Your wallet has a mixture of coins and you sometimes give the wrong currency by mistake.

3. The idea of flying for 24 hours is not daunting.


4. Nervous flyers annoy you.

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5. You don’t understand the phrase “home is where the heart is”, for you it is the place you return to save-up again for your next trip.

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6. Your friends are tired of hearing “I’ve been there” during movie scenes.

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7. You are a frequent flyer member for every airline and you have ranked them from “best” to “compromising because of price” and to “never ever”.

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8. Your stories always begin with "when I was in …"

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9. You frequent Expedia, Hotel Club, STA Travel, Airbnb and Couch Surfer.

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10. You can't eat "international" cuisines at home because they really aren't the same.

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11. You have designated airplane clothes – normally consisting of UGGS, a hoodie and or sweats/jeans – comfort is EVERYTHING.

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12. You can pack in half an hour or less.

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13. You know that the term "4-star" is very subjective.

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14. Missing your bag on the carousel really annoys you.

15. So do flight delays...

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16. And airport lines.

17. You can sleep pretty much anywhere - airports, buses, airplanes, park benches etc. You really can't be picky on the go.


18. You know that google maps and free wifi is always a winner.

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19. Although some of your best discoveries have occurred while you were lost.

20. You have become super strong from carrying your luggage and backpack around.

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21. You've considered never unpacking, I mean what's the point?

22. You don't understand home-bodies and those that are happy to stay in one place.

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23. You get overly excited when a friend moves out of town or overseas - an excuse to travel and free accommodation, hell yeah.

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24. You’ve been jabbed by so many needles but are officially immunized against everything.

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25. You get offended at being called a "tourist" but totally embrace doing selfies in front of major icons.

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26. Finally, you firmly believe that you are never too old to travel and will continue it to the very end.

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