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15 Perks Of Being A Pessimist

And they say the glass is half empty?

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1. Nothing ever surprizes you.

2. A study from Germany found that pessimists are likely to live longer.

3. ... probably because we do not take stupid and unnecessary risks.

4. Nothing ever lowers your mood – you can’t get lower than low.

5. You’re always prepared – making you a natural leader.

6. You’re not self-entitled and don’t expect anything.

7. You experience a much greater level of joy when something goes well.

8. You can get rich through writing a book and/or famous blog – how to guides are all about assuming worse case scenarios.

9. People prefer coming to you for self-pity and sympathy because you are not nearly as annoying as optimists – you can wallow together.

10. You’re more productive.

"What's intriguing about defensive pessimists," says Lawrence Sanna, professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina, "is that they tend to be very successful people, and so their low opinion of the outcome isn't realistic; they use it to motivate themselves to perform better."

11. You don’t have to waste time talking to people – your aura acts as a deterrent.

12. Defensive pessimism actually protects you from worry and anxiety.

13. Studies have shown that you’re more open and genuine in a relationship.

14. Pessimists are less naïve

15. Pessimists are just so much cooler people.

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