5 Sweet Ideas for the Confused Gift Giver

To give or not to give, and what? Ricky Eisen, president and founder of Between the Bread and The Crafted Cookie in Manhattan, provided tips on how to make the most of a simple cookie and how a small choice creates a happy day for someone special.

Your Girlfriend

A package of hand decorated cookies of dresses, shoes and hats will show her that you are thinking of her and only her. Adding some fashionable cookies, such as dulce de leche and coconut caramel, will say, “I’m cool and you are too.”

Your Boyfriend

A package of manly cookies, such as dark chocolate-black pepper, oatmeal-curry and the like, will tell him that you respect his masculinity and dare him to wimp out of eating them. Add some delicious whoopie pies to let him know he’s your guy.

Parents & Grandparents

That’s tricky because most grandparents have an old time favorite. Send old fashioned cookies in an old fashioned tin can to show them that you are truly thinking of them. Chewy chocolate chip, oatmeal-raisin and sugar cookies are ideal.

A New Mom

Remind her that her future will be filled with the sweet smells of baking. Delicious, creamy brownies, blondies and apricot bars will last a while and will be the ideal break from changing diapers and feedings.

Your Boss and Co-Workers

Don’t give your boss a gift, but always consider your co-workers. For your co-workers, any cookie will do.

Ricky Eisen of The Crafted Cookie

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